This full-service on-site facility is meant to serve employees and dependents of the plan’s group health benefit. Through proprietary contracts, On-Site Rx will provide prescription drugs at discounts far exceeding available commercial PBM pricing.

Pharmacy Services

On-Site Rx provides management and coordination of the onsite pharmacy in conjunction with the plan sponsor’s group pharmacy/health benefit; Our team will lead the planning, design and development of the on-site pharmacy within a space of your choosing to best meet your organization’s objectives.

Pharmacy Supplies

Prescription labels, manuals, reference books and other items necessary to comply with state requirements for the dispensing of prescription and over-the-counter medications are provided by On-Site Rx.


On-Site Rx provides furniture, fixtures and equipment for the pharmacy environment including point-of-sale technology, telephone systems and pharmacy computer and software systems.


Our staff conducts retrospective analysis of pharmacy claims data at the in-house and PBM network pharmacy level; includes utilization and cost trend analysis reporting and consultation.

Network Coordination

On-Site Rx coordinates the integration and implementation of the retail, mail and on-site pharmacy distribution channel, including worker’s compensation programs.

Inventory Services

Prescription and over-the-counter medications are available through On-Site Rx’s proprietary wholesaler agreement. Initial inventory ordering and efficient ongoing management of your facility’s inventory are overseen by our staff.

Licensure and Quality Control

Our staff is responsible for all aspects of obtaining the necessary state and federal certifications and licensures necessary to legally operate a pharmacy in your state. Ongoing audits will insure that claims are billed at appropriate rates, and that privacy, safety and other standards are upheld.


On-Site Rx leads in the identification and selection of licensed and qualified personnel to staff the pharmacy. The client has final approval of all candidates.

Supply Chain

How is it that we can supply drugs at substantially lower costs than any other entity? Supply chain shortening. Our model allows the employer to gain direct access to the wholesaler agreements typically held for retail pharmacies.

Traditional Supply Chain vs. Our Supply Chain

By cutting out the extra steps in the supply chain, we cut out significant margin that contributes to excessive drug costs.