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On-Site RX to Open Employee Pharmacy for Suffolk Public Schools

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Coming Soon! Suffolk, Virginia (February 9, 2023) – The Suffolk Public Schools Board voted to open a pharmacy to serve the employees and dependents on the health plan of Suffolk Public Schools. The pharmacy, which will be operated by On-Site Rx, is set to open its doors early August

City Workers Slim Down to Cut Costs

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At the city-operated pharmacy on 10th Street downtown, city employees and their dependents can obtain generic medication for $2 for a 30-day supply and $5 for a 90-day supply. While the patient can get their prescriptions filled at other pharmacies, the co-pays are much lower at the on-site center.

City of Chattanooga’s Employee Pharmacy Profiled in “Drug Benefit News”

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The January 16th issue of Drug Benefit News profiled the unique way the City of Chattanooga is decreasing drug costs. The article comes exactly one month after the City opened a pharmacy to serve employees and dependents on the group health plan. The full-service pharmacy, opened on the same

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