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City Workers Slim Down to Cut Costs

At the city-operated pharmacy on 10th Street downtown, city employees and their dependents can obtain generic medication for $2 for a 30-day supply and $5 for a 90-day supply. While the patient can get their prescriptions filled at other pharmacies, the co-pays are much lower at the on-site center. More than half of all city employees are now using the city's pharmacy to fill their prescriptions, officials said. The city in-house

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City of Chattanooga’s Employee Pharmacy Profiled in “Drug Benefit News”

The January 16th issue of Drug Benefit News profiled the unique way the City of Chattanooga is decreasing drug costs. The article comes exactly one month after the City opened a pharmacy to serve employees and dependents on the group health plan. The full-service pharmacy, opened on the same premises as their wellness clinic is forecast to save the City and its employees an estimated $8.5 million dollars in the first

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