Our Mission at On-Site RX

On-Site Rx, Inc. is dedicated to making prescription coverage more affordable by providing solutions that simplify and shorten the supply chain. Values:

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Service Proposition

  • On-Site Rx will put a full-service pharmacy on the campus of the employer.
  • On-Site Rx will manage all aspects of the pharmacy from planning and design to inventory procurement and management.
  • On-Site Rx will provide staffing, licensing, all furniture, fixtures, and equipment including point of sale technology necessary for operating a full-service pharmacy.
  • The client will provide the site, physical upgrades, and utilities.
  • On-Site Rx will coordinate the integration with all aspects of the prescription benefit and worker's compensation.

Value Propositions

  • Plan sponsors can reverse trend on one of the fastest growing segments of their budget- Prescription Benefits
  • Members can enjoy the convenience of having a pharmacy at their place of employment.
  • Wellness initiatives can be coordinated and led through an on-site pharmacy.

Target Customers

  • Self-funded plan sponsors
  • Geographically concentrated population
  • Have ≥ 30,000 claims per year
  • Can expect 50% of claims in year one and 75% of claims in year two to go to On-Site pharmacy
  • We provide excellent customer service in all situations and regardless of our personal or professional challenges.
  • We respect our colleagues, our vendors and our customers as people, regardless of title or position.
  • We value our resources, our people and our talents.
    • People- As our greatest asset we take care to communicate in a spirit of nurturing and education so that we may continue professional and personal development.
    • Resources- We do not waste, or tolerate wasteful behavior.
    • Talents- We have all been gifted with certain talents. We owe it to ourselves, our customers and our creator to identify and utilize our talents to the fullest extent possible.
  • We work to enrich our personal lives. Our family, loved ones and personal growth are the living we seek to make. It is our continual goal to achieve a satisfying balance.
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